In this category you will read some stories and lessons learned from the sport of wrestling. If we go deeper, you find out that there is more to our lives than wrestling, our jobs, or our carriers. In each writing hopefully you will read more than, and hopefully you will think more than.

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I haven’t met an athlete who does not want to be successful, and I am not the exception. As a child, I had to learn many things early on because of the death of my father at a young age. My two brothers and I helped my widowed mother... Continue Reading

Junuary 15, 2019 By

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One of the first lessons I learned at a young age in this sport of wrestling was to face each opponent with courage and without fear. The coaches frequently motivated and gave speeches to remind us that when we face opponents there is no room... Continue Reading

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Imagine you have a friend who just returned from a hunting trip. It was his very first duck hunt. He was excited when he left for the trip, knowing how much fun others had bagging ducks on this big lake. He bought all the great gear... Continue Reading